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Student and Faculty Emergency Space



We’ve analyzed several years of “active shooter” incidents and realized that the current built environment doesn’t offer protection from high caliber weapons.  The notion of hiding for protection, in our minds, is absolutely ludicrous considering the fact that protection from weapons used in these types of incidents  provides those hiding with no protection because the spaces are not ballistically resistance. It will take some time for the design community to change the current architectural trend and include 360 degree egress from occupied spaces.  In the meantime, we suggest providing ballistic protection in the current built environment.


Our innovative design (SaFEspace) allows any occupied space to be retrofitted with ballistic protective technologies.  We use Amulet (TM), a ballistic resistant composite material that is lighter and more manageable for installation than other off-the-shelf technologies.  Amulet (TM) provides protection from even the highest caliber weapons, and certainly from those most commonly used in active shooter events (AR-15).


While our focus is on introducing our SaFEspace design to the educational market place (Land of Blue Trees), the use of Amulet (tm) panels can be used in any occupied space; schools, government and public offices, private office, retail, hospitals, etc.  We recommend that all buildings that have a normal population of twenty people and particularly high occupancy spaces (of 20 or more) have a ballistically protective space on each floor of the building. 

Additionally, our unique design allows for the SaFEspace concept to be installed during new construction or during major retrofit projects. So basically, providing protection in any work environment. 

SaFEspace was the recipient of a Platinum ASTOR Award in 2019 for Best Use of Mulitple Technologies in Homeland Security

ORDER DIRECT: You can order ballisitically protected wall coverings, whiteboards, furniture, reception stations, seating, desks and tables by clicking the button below.  Use discount code DH1 to receive $100 off each item.  Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


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