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Blue Trees


Pip and the Land of Blue Trees, is a training tool for pre-school through 3rd graders.  The book illustrates a cast of fictitious animal characters that find themselves in unsafe situations, leave those situations behind and walk together to the Land of Blue Trees, where they are safe together.


Pip is the leader of the group. During his walk to the Land of Blue Trees he meets other animals: his neighbor Ellani (llama), Joey (kangaroo), Orio (zebra), Roor (lion), Lugey (camel), Noodle (giraffe) and Magu (deer).

Our little listeners will get the most from the story when they act out the character's actions while on their journey to the Land of Blue Trees.


The Land of Blue Trees is a fictional, magical, safe place where all of the animals play, sing, dance, clap and feel safe together. 


While designed specifically for use in the pre-school - 3rd grade setting, Pip and the Land of Blue Trees can be used outside of the classroom during any child's story time.    




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