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Pip and the Land of Blue Trees is a teaching tool used by K - 3rd grade educators to teach students about safety and security, especially during traumatic events (active shooter), when it is difficult for little ones to comprehend the severity of their situation.  The use of this training tool prior to an event assists teachers in keeping kids calm and "almost turns protection into a game".

Pip and the Land of Blue Trees is part of a larger Student and Faculty Emergency Response Security Training (SaFERST pronounced safer-ist) protocol that provides age-appropriate  situational awareness and response techniques training throughout a student's academic life.

SaFERST was selected as the Most Innovative New Solution of the Year by a panel of Homeland Security experts and received the Platinum ASTOR Award from American Security Today magazine.

Educators are charged with providing a secure and safe environment for our children.  They are also charged with teaching them to be good productive citizens.  Unfortunately, society has changed and there is a bigger emphasis on the former.  Schools that design built-in countermeasures offer the best protection from ballistic threats when an event happens.  Pip and the Land of Blues Trees allows teachers to make safety a fun activity in the classroom.

SaFERST ™ is a  program  divided into three parts, so that teachers/faculty can  teach practical solutions to real world security problems in a non-threatening environment as the student develops other life-skills.  Learning situational awareness techniques throughout childhood and into adolescence enables students to determine safer options before becoming involved in dangerous situations that may jeopardize their safety and security.

SaFEspace (Student and Faculty Emergency space) was borne out of the idea that the Run-Hide-Fight concept actually increases a person's vulnerability to gunshots during active shooter events.  Current building/room design does not allow egress in all directions; therefore, occupants must hide-in-place.  Unless, previously and purposely designed for the active shooter, they offer little, if any, ballistic protection.  Our SaFEspace design concept can be used in new construction or retrofitted to any occupied environment.

ORDER DIRECT: You can order ballistic protection directly from the factory, by using the button below.  Include discount code DH1 for $100 off each product.  Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

SaFEspace was voted Best Use of Multiple Technologies in Homeland Security and received a Platinum ASTOR Award in 2019.

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